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Chemical Personnel Search

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Laboratory Division

We at CPS, Inc. firmly believe the strength of any organization comes from its people.

It’s OUR people

Our strength is our experience. We understand your industry. This comes from being a force in chemical / technical employment since 1978 and having recruiters with extensive experience in the market. We know corporations want to minimize training costs – and would rather hire people with experience in their industry. We know how to find these people.

We speak your language

Because of the experience level of our recruiters, we understand the technology & terminology important to you. More importantly, we know what other companies have the same or similar technology.

We screen

Nothing is a bigger waste of time than contacting candidates who have not been properly screened. We know how to screen candidates for the appropriate background and personality keys. We also eliminate candidates who are not serious about making a change.

We have the resources

When you work with CPS, Inc., you have the entire Laboratory Team of 7 Recruiters and Research Assistants working together to fill your job opening. Our division has the skill level to do the job, including a number of the top recruiters within CPS, Inc.

We find opportunities

As you know, the market for good candidates is extremely competitive. With our contacts in the chemical industry, we can find people who haven’t begun an active search or want to keep that search confidential.

We do the selling with you

We spend a great deal of time up front learning about what a company has to offer. We help you present that information in a manner which helps attract those top candidates.

We stay with you

After a successful match, we stay in touch to make sure things are going well. That’s because we feel a personal responsibility for our clients. When people and companies succeed long-term, we succeed long-term.


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